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New Year's Resolution

I don’t do nor believe in New Year’s Resolutions.

Almost every time they don’t last more than a few weeks, and besides, what’s so special about an arbitrary date that you would need to undertake some (very) important change at that moment?

Instead, anytime I want/need to drop a bad habit (like drinking too much Coca-Cola) or develop a new positive one (be more organized for example, a future post about that soon), I prefer doing it when I am more likely to be successful.

Recently I’ve changed jobs, and took the time in between to finally set up a home server (something I’ve been meaning to do for years) and started getting independence from centralized services (namely Github, Google calendar and contacts, as well as music streaming sites, file hosting/sharing sites, and the like).
I’ve also wanted to use that home server to host a website, something I last did half a lifetime ago, with little to no result.

As an academic, I need to learn to communicate more, improve my writing skills, and show more of my work. I’ve only done it so far rather half-assedly by hosting projects publicly and publishing packages, but that’s not enough. And now is the right time to do more.

So this is my “New Year’s Resolution”: start and maintain this blog. (see David Robinson’s advice)
I will use it to exercise my writing, share my work and all the little things I do to create better workflows. I believe it will create a positive feedback loop for me to be more productive and I hope it will help others!

See you soon for a first “real” post!

Happy New Year everyone!